WACS - Web-Based Adult Content Server 
[WACS Logo] Bevtec Communications Ltd is actively involved in the OpenSource project WACS which seeks to provide a web-based content management system for adult content (aka Porn). As a database/web integration project, this fits extremely well with our core skill sets in digital media, web and database integration. While the main WACS system itself is completely free (released under the GPLv3) and will stay that way, we at Bevtec Communications have developed a range of commercial product offerings around the core WACS system that we believe significantly enhance it's already impressive facilities when used in a commercial web site environment.

These product offerings include:

  • WacsPro - extensions and additional tools for managing user accounts and subscriptions, support requests, renewal reminders and the like.
  • Training - we offer a range of training courses related to the WACS environment including:
    • Collection Administration - a course for collection administrators covering how to get the best out of the WACS environment.
    • Programming With The WACS API - a course on how to make use of the WACS Application Programing Interface from your own web apps written in either Perl or Php.
  • Support - While there is good free email support available from the WACS team, it by necessity does not include "hands on" or telephone support. We offer you direct access to experienced WACS developers who will get your system up-and-running again in the event of problems, advise on database and code integration issues and the like. This personal service includes direct confidential email and telephone support from experienced developers.
  • Consultancy and Installation Services - we offer a wide range of Consultancy and Installation Services ranging from setting up WACS for you on your server or hosting provider to full custom site creation with bespoke Web Design consultancy, training and content provision.
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